A New Beginning

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting this whole blog thing started.  I’ve had no shortage of ideas and inspiration, but that’s the easy part.  The hard part is putting down my thoughts in a coherent way and gathering enough guts to just get started.

I figure it’s better now than never and so I’ve started typing.  I’ll apologize in advance for my not so professional photos and for things that may be confusing to people who don’t have direct access to my brain; but my whole point in starting this is to have a place to keep track of the things that are coming out of my kitchen.  And to share it all with as many people as I can (the maybe half a dozen people who would actually read this, all of whom know me and [I hope] love me *tear*).

Over the next couple of days I will start posting actual recipes.  Right now I’m just working on choosing pics and taking out the pinches, dashes, & bits that currently plague my notes.

Keep your eyes peeled and I will have recipe #1 posted by Thursday.

Update:  Post #1 went up on Monday!

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