Easy Lunch – Open Faced Egg Salad Sandwich

On my quest to be more open to new foods, I amazed myself.  Thoroughly.  I (of sound mind and free will) made and ate an egg salad sandwich.  Let me tell you – this was nothing short of a miracle.  I grew up surrounded by gloppy, sloppy sandwiches filled with more mayo than meat – and I refused to eat each and every one of them.  I down right detest mayo.  It’s the weirdest substance, looking like a semi congealed pile of phlegm.  It jiggles, it smells weird and it tastes just as disgusting as it looks.

But I wanted to try eating a hard boiled egg in sandwich form.  So I took it upon myself to change the texture and taste of the ever present egg salad.  What I came up with was something chunky, a tad creamy and it sure as hell wasn’t my mother’s egg salad.  (Even after I typed that, I don’t really think I can remember my mom ever making or eating an egg salad sandwich.  So maybe I would be more accurate in saying “it sure as hell wasn’t my father’s egg salad.”  I digress).

This one is for all of you fellow mayo haters out there.  Solidarity.

Angie’s Egg Salad

4 hard boiled eggs

1 1/2 Tbsp plain yogurt (or mayo if you’re into the stuff)

1 tsp dijon mustard

2 small green onions – the green parts only

1/4 tsp minced garlic (I use a grater and it works out to be about 1/4 of a clove of grated garlic)

salt & pepper to taste

Put 4 eggs into a small pot and over them with cold water and a handful of salt.  Put the pot over maximum heat and bring it to a full rolling boil.  Let it boil away for 1 minute and then take the pot off of the heat and cover it with a lid.  Let the eggs rest in the hot water for 5-7 minutes.  Drain the hot water & run cold water over the eggs until they’re nice and cool.  Shell & chop the eggs into nice bite sized pieces (don’t chop them too small or you’ll end up with smushy egg salad).

In a small bowl, combine the yogurt, dijon, green onions, garlic and some salt & pepper.  Add the chopped egg and mix gently but well.  Test the seasoning, adding more salt & pepper if necessary.  Spread the egg salad out onto four pieces of bread and enjoy.  Oh – it’s also good on whole wheat crackers.

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1 Response to Easy Lunch – Open Faced Egg Salad Sandwich

  1. Love it! I’ve got to tell you, in an attempt to be kinder to the animal inhabitants of our planet, I switched to cage-free, high EFA eggs this week – and my husband and I are both AMAZED at the difference in tase.

    While I do love mayo, I’m giving it up for health reasons, so I was SO excited to see this recipe and can’t wait to try it.

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